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Download and Install MS Office on a PC

The first step to get any benefit from MS Office starts with its downloading and installation, which begins with these steps:-

●       You should be sure that your PC is meeting all the system requirements before starting downloading.

●       Then, Sign-in to download MS Office and then install Office.

●       Choose to Sign-in.

●       Use your user account associated with the MS Office version you have chosen to download.

●       This user account can include a Microsoft account or a school or work account.

●       Use the steps matching the account type that you have used to sign in.

●       If you have your Microsoft account to sign in, then visit the MS Office home page.

●       Click on Install or Install Office.

●       If you are signed in with the school or work account, visit the MS Office home page.

●       Click on Install Office.

●       Click on Office 365 apps.

●       It will download MS Office on your PC.

●       To start MS Office installation on your PC, choosing the commands will depend on your browser choice.

●       Click on the Run command in Internet Explorer or Edge.

●       Click on the Setup command in Chrome.

●       Click on the Save File command in Firefox.

●       Allow the app to make modifications to your PC.

●       After that, the installation will begin.

●       After the installation is completed, click on 'Close' to exit.

Activate MS Office on a PC

Go through these steps to activate MS Office on your PC:-

●       To activate the MS Office app on your PC, click on the Start button appearing on your device screen's lower-left corner.

●       Now, choose the MS Office program to activate.

●       You can select the MS Office app icon in the search bar to navigate it.

●       Tap on Activate Now,

●       Enter the 25-digit unique activation key.

●       Tap Activate.

Download and Install MS Office on a Mac

Download and install MS Office on your Mac device with these steps:-

●       Visit

●       Sign in to your valid user account.

●       While signing in with Microsoft account, visit the MS Office home page.

●       Tap on 'Install Office' to begin downloading.

●       While signing in with a work or school account, then visit Microsoft 365 home page.

●       Choose 'Install Office.'

●       Choose 'Office 365 apps'.

●       Here, downloading will begin.

●       Now, start installing with opening Finder on your Mac device.

●       Click on the folder 'Downloads.'

●       Double-tap on the installer, i.e., Microsoft Office installer. Pkg file.

●       Hold the Ctrl key and then tap on click on the folder if you cannot open it.

●       Go to the first window for installation, click on 'Continue.'

●       It will start installing MS Office on your Mac device.

●       After reviewing the license agreement for using the software, tap 'Continue.'

●       Tap on 'Agree' to provide your consent to the license agreement.

●       After selecting how you wish to install MS Office, tap 'Continue.'

●       After reviewing requirements for disk space or changing your location for installation, tap 'Install Software.'

●       Enter your password to login on to your Mac device, and then tap 'Install Software.'

●       Exit after the installation will be completed.

Activate MS Office on a Mac Device

Go through these steps to activate MS Office through successfully on your Mac device:-

●       Tap on the 'Launchpad' icon appearing in the Dock.

●       It will display all the apps that you want.

●       Tap on any MS Office app in the Launchpad.

●       Go to the 'What's New' section.

●       Then, click on the 'Get Started' section.

●       Sign in to activate the MS Office app.

●       If you don't find the Sign-in option, then tap on File.

●       Here, tap on 'New from template.'

●       Now, you can Sign-in with your username and password to your account.

●       Tap on Next.

●       Here, the system will check you have a valid license.

●       Enter your activation key.

●       Now, your MS Office product is activated.

Reset Your Forgotten Microsoft Account password for MS Office Setup

Many users often forget their Microsoft account password; you can easily reset your password for MS Office setup following these steps:-

●       When you type your password, your device starts sending messages 'Your password or account is incorrect. If you don't remember your account password, reset it now.

●       Choose Forgot Password?

●       You can also go to Reset password directly.

●       Here, you will need to enter your username to reset and tap on Next.

●       After choosing the option 'Forgot Password? Verify your identity.

●       As the first option, choose the option to which you want to send the verification code.

●       Click on Next

●       You will need to enter your phone's last four digits or your email's first part to get the verification code.

●       Choose Get code.

●       Go to your recovery email or phone to receive the code.

●       Now, enter the code and reset your password successfully.

●       As the second option, if you failed to reset your password, try a different way to Sign-in.


Is it possible to download & install MS Office for free?

There are many essential MS Office apps that you can use for free. For example, you can use the basic versions of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word for free in your web browser.

How can I get MS Office for free?

You can get MS Office for free from Downloading Office mobile apps on Android or iPhone devices is another way to use Office for free.

Is Microsoft Office comes with Windows 10 for free?

Whether you are using Windows 10 PC, Chromebook, or Mac, you can use MS Office apps in your web browser for free. You can create and open Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents right in your web browser. To get access to these free MS Office apps, sign in using your Microsoft account at